Unleashing the Python: Majestic Serpent’s Dominance as It Overwhelms Prey with Unyielding Force. ‎

A python wraps around a massive lizard in plain sight but notices a spectator. The python proceeds to drag its prey to consume it in nearby foliage.

Rudolph Strydom witnessed a thrilling encounter during an early morning game drive at the Phinda Game Lodge and shared it with LatestSightings.com. According to Strydom, he saw some activity up ahead in an open sandy area and upon closer inspection, he realized that it was an African rock python trying to attack a monitor lizard!

African rock pythons are renowned for their strength and size. These snakes can reach lengths of up to 20 feet and weigh over 150 pounds. They inhabit regions across sub-Saharan Africa and are famous for their remarkable ability to suffocate their victims through constriction.

The python had a strong hold on the lizard’s head and wrapped itself tightly around the lizard’s body, making it unable to move. The lizard’s struggles only made the python’s grip stronger.”

Rock pythons use constriction as their primary method of killing prey, unlike venomous snakes that use venom to paralyze or kill their prey. This ability to constrict allows rock pythons to take down prey that is much larger than their own size.

After successfully coiling and constricting the monitor lizard, the African rock python proceeded to drag it towards nearby bushes. With remarkable ease, the snake pulled its prey through the sandy terrain and disappeared into the bushes with it.

Despite their slender and flexible build, African rock pythons have an incredible ability to consume prey much larger than their heads. They achieve this by dislocating their jaw and stretching their skin and muscles to accommodate the meal. The digestion process of such a large meal can take several days, during which the python will stay hidden and exposed to potential predators.

I was in awe as I witnessed the python dragging the monitor lizard away. It was such a rare and incredible sight, one that I knew I would always remember. Although I couldn’t see the actual consumption of the prey, I was sure that the python would sleep with a full belly.


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