The moment a spider catches a bird in mid-air with an extremely strong and durable web. Will the bird escape before the spider catches up with it! (Video)

Spider catches bird midflight with an incredibly strong and durable web. Will the bird escape before the spider gets to it?

A Golden Orb web spider catches a bird mid-flight in its incredibly strong and durable web. Will the bird escape before the spider gets to it?

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Golden Orb Spiders, also known as Nephila, are one of the most fascinating creatures found in South Africa. With their striking colors and unique web-spinning abilities, these spiders are a wonder of nature. These spiders spin webs across game paths and roads to increase their chances of catching a meal.

One of the most amazing things about these spiders is the strength of their webs. The silk they produce is incredibly strong and flexible, able to withstand the wind and rain. This makes their webs perfect for catching prey, which includes insects, birds, and even small mammals. Yes, birds and mammals!

Watch 2 separate videos where a bird has found itself trapped in a Golden Orb Web spider’s web!

Olifants West Game Reserve is a great place to start your search, where you may witness incredible sights like Brass Brasset’s discovery of a blue waxbill caught in a Golden Orb Spider web. These birds are often caught in the spider’s webs while flying, but sometimes they are able to escape.

If you’re looking to spot Golden Orb Spiders in South Africa, the best time is during the summer months between November and March. They are commonly found in woodland areas, especially near rivers and streams.

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Another incredible sighting was made by Lucky in Mala Mala Game Reserve. Lucky spotted a spider with a bird that had become entangled in its web. The thought of such a sight is truly remarkable.

So how do they create such strong webs? The process begins with the spider producing a liquid silk solution from their abdomen. This solution hardens when it comes into contact with air, allowing the spider to spin a web. The spider then uses its hind legs to pull the silk strands tight and create a strong, intricate web. The silk they produce is also resistant to UV light, making it ideal for outdoor use.

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