Savage Hunger Unleashed: Witness the 2.4m Crocodile’s Ferocious Cannibalistic Feast.HoaiMy

Photographer captures the harsh moment the short-snouted crocodile grabs the neck and fascinates a smaller one in the swamp to eat.

Vừa ăn thịt đồng loại xong, một con cá sấu đã bị đồng loại khác xơi tái

2.4 m long crocodile cannibalism
The photographer captured the moment the short-snouted crocodile grabbed the neck and threw a smaller one in the swamp to eat.

Wildlife photographer Barbara D’Angelo photographed a large alligator knocking out a smaller fellow in Orlando Wetland Park, Florida, USA, Newsweek reported on March 22. She turned into the park to watch the sunset after visiting her father and came across this impressive scene.


At that time, D’Angelo stood only about 3 meters from the animal. She stood still taking pictures so the crocodile wouldn’t think she was a threat. “I watched through the lens as the alligator raised its head and thrashed its prey to grab its neck and crush the bones,” she said.


D’Angelo estimated the large crocodile to be about 2.4 meters long, but the tail could not be clearly seen because it was only focused on the face of the predator. The average size of the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) is 2.5 m for females and 3.4 m for males, according to the Smithsonian National Zoo. However, any crocodile longer than 1.2m can be a threat..


Alligators’ cannibalism isn’t unusual, said Coleman M. Sheehy III, an expert in the reptile-amphibians division of the Florida Museum of Natural History. “Large crocodiles can eat smaller ones. However, the frequency of this behavior varies widely, depending on other food sources available and whether large crocodiles have access to small ones or not. no,” he said.

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