Predator’s Inspiration: Cheetah’s Remarkable Display Inspires Children to Develop Wildlife Education and Predator-Defying Skills.HoaiMy

Photographer Thomas Nkwazi captured the moment a leopard mother teaches her cubs hunting skills in the Moremi wildlife reserve, Botswana Republic.
The mother clouded leopard hunted the antelope, but did not immediately kill the prey. It holds its prey from behind so that the cubs practice hunting skills.
With the support of her mother, the leopard cub immediately used its sharp teeth to bite the neck of the African antelope.
Attacked by two jaguars, the African antelope can only roar in pain.
The claws of the jaguars make the skin of the African antelope bleed.
The hunting skills that the mother jaguar teaches are very useful to her cubs as adults.

After training, the jaguar’s mother and son will immediately eat the ill-fated antelope.

Wildlife Education: Children Learn Prey Defeating Skills from Cheetahs in Inspirational Display.

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