“Just Like His Father! 😎 Thiago Messi’s Amazing Goal ⚽ Helps Win the Easter International Cup for Inter Miami U12 Team 🦩”

His brilliance has been passed on to others, Lionel Messi! Through a stunning goal in the championship game, the son of Inter Miami great contributed to the U12 Major League Soccer team’s victory in the Easter International Cup.

Thiago Messi, who is 11 years old and the son of Lionel Messi, demonstrated that he is indeed destined for greatness by scoring a spectacular goal that led Inter Miami U12 to victory in the Easter International Cup.

VIDEO | Thiago Messi's Stunning Goal Goes Viral | beIN SPORTS

During a game that was hosted by Rayados in Kissimmee, Florida, the young superstars played out a protracted procedure. Thiago was a prominent player on a squad that also included Benjamin, Luis Suarez’s kid, who is ten years old.

Thiago Messi's viral goal with Inter Miami Academy - AS USA

The U12 Miami team, who competed against Florida Kraze, made it to the final round of competition out of a total of 300 teams that participated, including 30 international teams. Thiago, who was wearing the iconic number 10 shirt that belonged to his father, scored a remarkable goal to give his team a victory that earned them a winners’ medal. This resulted in the Herons celebrating a 4-0 triumph over their opponent.

During the time that Thiago Messi and Suarez Jr. experienced their first taste of triumph in Miami, their father will not be there at the CONCACAF Champions Cup.

As Inter Miami prepares to play the first leg of the quarterfinals against Liga MX giants CF Monterrey, Suarez is expected to play a significant part in the match. The Uruguayan attack partner of Lionel Messi has asserted that Miami can “win without Messi” despite the fact that it is still unknown whether Messi will recover from his hamstring injury in time to be included in the starting lineup.

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