“Fans Receive Good News as Emi Martinez and Lionel Messi Set to Attend the 2024 Olympics”

Emiliano Martinez, the goalkeeper for Aston Villa, has dropped hints that a number of Argentine talents are interested in competing in the international competition that will take place in Paris in 2024.

Lionel Messi News | I Would Die For Lionel Messi: Emiliano Martinez Ready  to Offer Life For Argentina Captain | Copa AmericaAt an earlier point in time in this year, it was reported that Lionel Messi expressed his desire to compete for Argentina in the Olympic Games held in Paris. Messi is eager to make his first appearance in this arena since 2008, when he was a great player for Inter Miami and was a part of his country’s victory in the gold medal competition.

Now, Emiliano Martinez, the goalkeeper for Aston Villa, has also declared his willingness to play for Javier Mascherano’s team in Paris. Martinez has also hinted at the fact that a number of other players from Argentina, such as Cristian Romero and Nicolas Otamendi, are also interested in participating in the event.

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With regard to Mascherano, the former goalkeeper for Arsenal stated, “I did not have the opportunity to speak with him.” However, it is undeniable that the desire of being the goalkeeper for the national team and competing in the Olympic Games for the country is still alive and well.

FIFA World Cup Stats on X: "10 yrs ago,when Lionel Messi scored his 91st  goal of 2012. Emiliano Martinez was playing for Oxford United in England's  4th division. They've both been Argentina's
“I don’t think further because I still have the Copa America ahead, I’m with the club winning the right to enter the Champions League and playing in the quarter-finals of a European tournament.”
In spite of this, a number of players have expressed that if Javier is prepared and wants us, then we are also prepared. The national team is obviously more important than the clubs, and if the clubs give us permission, we will It is always accurate to assert that the national team is the first priority under any circumstances. In addition, we consider it a matter of pride. It is Cuti and Ota’s desire to go. I am going to go. You’ll find a number of guys who are interested in going.

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