Di Maria spoke the bitter tɾutҺ for Lionel Messi on the Argentina team (See more in comment).

In this March gathering, Di Maria stated that Argentina is benefiting from the absence of Lionel Messi, which is a positive development.Di Maria is of the opinion that Argentina will benefit from Messi’s absence rather than the former.During the team gathering that took place in March, Lionel Messi withdrew from the Argentina team due to an injury that he sustained while playing for Inter Miami. In spite of this, Di Maria is of the opinion that Messi’s injury is a significant development for Argentina. As La Albiceleste prepares to start on the journey to defend their Copa America championship this summer, Di Maria urged the team to maintain their composure.

Angel Di Maria: Thần hộ mệnh của Lionel Messi

Messi Di Maria: Argentina is benefiting from Messi’s absence, which is a positive development.”Lionel Messi will be remembered for all people forever. He is without a doubt the greatest player in the history of the game. The most beneficial thing is to learn from him and compete against him. Despite the fact that it is unfortunate that the injury occurred at this moment, we must maintain our composure. When it occurs now, when he is well enough to compete in the Copa America, it will be significantly better.

After claiming a 3-0 victory against El Salvador in the first friendly match, Argentina will now take the field to compete against Costa Rica on the following Tuesday. Following that, La Albiceleste will travel to the United States to compete in the Copa America. This coming June 20th will mark the beginning of Argentina’s struggle to protect its monarchy.

Di Maria: Thần tài của Messi & vị vua của các trận chung kết

In the event that Argentina does not win the next Copa America, Di Maria will depart the team. There is a possibility that this will be Lionel Messi’s final major competition. Over the past few months, Messi has sustained a number of ailments. Because the Argentine superstar has already won a lot of titles and doesn’t have to put in a lot of effort, it is reasonable that he would decide to retire from the national team. If Messi were to cut the number of matches that he plays in each year, it is likely that he would be able to extend his career for an additional two to three years.

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