David Beckham’s generous gift for ‘GOAT’ when coming to MLS: Lionel Messi received a Maserati MC20 supercar

Several other football players have expressed interest in going to the United States to compete against or with the reigning world champion Lionel Messi. This interest has been exhibited since Inter Miami made the announcement that they had signed Messi.

Beckham: 'Messi đồng ý tới Miami là khoảnh khắc tuyệt vời ...

Andrés Iniesta, a football player who had previously played for Vissel Kobe in Japan but was now free to pursue other options, was one of the individuals that expressed interest in the position.

More than anything else, it is abundantly evident that it won’t be long before we no longer see Lionel Messi doing his magic on the field of play. His participation in the 2026 World Cup, which will be held in Mexico, the United States of America, and Canada, will be more in the stands than on the field of play, according to the announcement made by the Argentine. The following seasons will be the final ones.

Messi has signed a contract with Inter Miami for a period of four seasons, during which he would get an annual salary of fifty million euros. Various incomes from the shares, availability for the 2014 Copa América, and possession of an AFA property in Miami are some of the additional elements that have been added to this.

Which present did Beckham receive? 

Beckham: 'Tuyển mộ Messi là giấc mơ thành sự thật ... David Beckham made the choice to provide the world champion a gift that stunned all of the fans of both the American club and the Argentine club. This was in addition to the magnificent deal that the world champion signed.

This present was given by the player who had previously participated for England on the National Team. It was completely and wholly given voluntarily. The Maserati MC20 was the luxury vehicle that Beckham presented to Lionel Messi as a gift. Beckham was the one who made the announcement.

Incredible Qualities of the Sports Car, Including: For the purpose of making the MC20 more robust, quicker, and safer, a high-tech ultralight carbon fiber monocoque had been constructed in conjunction with a roaring 3.0 liter V6 engine that produced 630 horsepower. It was the Formula One racing championship that provided the inspiration for this technology. Inside Lionel Messi's incredible car collection - From $36m ...

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