Clash of the Wild: Meerkat Faces Off Against Cobra in a Thrilling Survival Battle in Africa.HoaiMy

These Meerkat pups are just five weeks old. They still have a lot to learn about desert survival. The earth is scorched and the closest river hasn’t flowed in seven years.


Finding food is the toughest challenge.

Most of it’s hiding under sun-baked soil, with adults on guard duty, scanning for danger, ready to sound the alarm.

It’s safe for the pups lessons to begin first digging.

Harder than it looks, an adult can dig its own body weight every few seconds, but for a pup it’s easier to beg.

Why not let the adults do the hard work?

But not all handouts make for a simple meal.

A scorpion: the adult has already disabled its stinger, but its pincers are still fully functional.

Learning how to deal with dangerous animals is a vital african desert skill.

All too soon it’s time for a break.

They need to find shade in the searing sun.

But lessons aren’t over yet.

In Africa’s Kalahari Desert, a young Meerkat is face to face with a cape cobra, one on one.

He’s in big trouble, but when his family hear the call, this will be one of the most important lessons of all: how to handle a venomous cobra.

If they can’t see the snake off their territory, the entire family remains at risk.

The pups now know their secret to living in this inhospitable desert teamwork uh.

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