BREAKING: After two years as the former champions, PSG has made a triumphant return to the arena and officially advanced to the Coupe de France final, getting closer to their second cup on the road to the quadruple.

PSG faced Rennes in the semi-finals of the French National Cup. This match had many highlights featuring superstar Kylian Mbappe.

PSG is still on the journey towards achieving the quadruple this season. Among the competitions, the semi-final of the French National Cup against Rennes holds significant importance. Therefore, coach Luis Enrique fielded a strong lineup for the home team, with Mbappe starting.

Kylian Mbappé marca golo, falha penálti e o PSG está na final da Taça de  França

Rennes posed several challenges for PSG in the first half. The turning point came in the 35th minute when Kylian Mbappe won a penalty. Two minutes later, the French player stepped up to take the penalty kιck, but it was not powerful enough and was saved by goalkeeper Mandanda.Le PSG écarte Rennes et rallie la finale de la Coupe de France - Coupe de  France - Demies - PSG-Rennes (1-0) - SO

Undeterred, Mbappe managed to score in the 40th minute with a shot that deflected off a Rennes player, making it difficult for goalkeeper Mandanda.Mbappé scores a deflected goal as PSG beats Rennes 1-0 to reach French Cup  final

In the second half, PSG continued to dominate the game. However, both teams wasted opportunities. Nonetheless, a 1-0 victory was enough for coach Enrique’s squad to secure a spot in the final. PSG’s opponent in the French National Cup final will be Lyon, with the match scheduled for May 25th.

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